Fun Ways to Invite Friends to Be in Your Wedding

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Asking a friend to be in your wedding is a big honor, and a momentous thing. Make the moment special and memorable by inviting your friends to be in your wedding party in fun and creative ways. Here are some ideas for clever ways to ask a friend to be in your wedding to get you started.

Dramatic and grand gestures are all the rage for marriage proposals these days, ranging from skywriting to messages on the Jumbtron at sporting events. Although it is not necessary to devote that kind of time or expense to asking your best friend to be your maid of honor, there is definitely something to be said to making a big fuss over it. It will show her just how special she is to you, while also creating a memory that you both will share forever. And isn’t so much better than just texting her?

One very cute idea is to have oversized frosted sugar cookies made in a wedding theme to give to all of the women you would like to have as your bridesmaids. Fancy cookies shaped like dresses frosted in your wedding colors, doves, or bouquets of flowers are all good ideas. Wrap each cookie in clear cellophane, and tie it up with a pretty ribbon. Attach a tag to the ribbon that says, “will you be my bridesmaid?”. You are sure to get a resounding chorus of yeses!

Another fun way to invite a friend to be in your wedding party is to give her one of those adorable shirts that has “bridesmaid” or “maid of honor” written on it in Swarovski crystals. Wrap it up in a pretty box, and when she opens it, tell her that you were hoping that she would wear the shirt for your bachelorette party or wedding party spa day. She is sure to get the message. This is an especially fun idea if your wedding style is all about sparkle and shimmer. Down the road, you can give each attendant crystal bridesmaid jewelry as her thank you gift for being in your wedding. The bridesmaid jewelry can be custom made in your wedding colors, or in each woman’s favorite color.

The best man is also an important part of the wedding party, so why not invite him in a clever way, as well? If the groom and his best friend share a love of sports, a fun idea would be to make up a faux “ticket” to a baseball or football game. Instead of having the details of the sporting event on it, your ticket can have the time and place of your wedding, along with a message asking your friend to be your best man. Minus the invitation to be in the wedding party, the ticket idea would also be a terrific idea for a save-the-date card for a sports loving couple.

Being asked to be a flower girl is a thrilling event for a little girl. Rather than just asking her in the regular way, take some time to make your invitation a special and memorable surprise. One nice idea is to get a flower girl book or coloring book, and present it to her with an inscription saying you hope that she will be your flower girl. Another cute idea is to give your prospective flower girl a wedding themed toy, such as a bride doll, with a gift tag asking her to be in your wedding.

The people in your bridal party will do so much to make your wedding a dream come true. How nice it is to begin the process by showing them just how much their participation in your special day will mean to them. A fun and memorable invitation to be in your wedding party is a great way to do just that.

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