Fun Baby Shower Games Ideas

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If you know someone who is expecting a baby soon, planning a baby shower for her will help her to be given with items that will surely help prepare here for her baby’s birth while celebrating her last days as a pregnant woman at the same time. To make this joyous event more fun-filled, you can make use of some simple baby shower games ideas for the guests’ interest and awareness about the wonders of pregnancy.

You could provide the guests with equal numbers of clothespins or stickers to be put onto their shirts. The objective of this game is not to utter the word “baby”. If a person hears someone else saying the word removes a clothespin or sticker from the shirt of the offender. The person who ends up with the most clothespins or stickers on his or her shirt is declared the winner.

One cool game is to guess the size of the mother’s tummy. To play this game, you will need a spool of yarn or strings, colored paper, and other craft materials that can be cut and used to measure, and a scissor. Pass the measurement item that you have chosen and the scissor to each guest. Each of them will be estimating the size of the belly of the mom-to-be by cutting a length of the material. Once the guests have made their own prediction, determine who has made the most accurate guest by wrapping each entry around the tummy of the mother. The person who has the closest length wins.

You can also use cotton balls on baby shower games ideas. To play such game, you will need two medium to large-sized bowls, tablespoon, blindfolds, and a bag of cotton balls. Place the cotton balls and the spoons in one of the bowls. The participants are blindfolded and will use the tablespoons to transfer the cotton balls as much as they can from one bowl to another. They must complete the task within one minute. The participant with the most number of cotton balls transferred is declared the winner.

Bet you don’t know, but the colorful M&M’s can be used in baby shower games ideas. Before the big day, buy a bag of M&M’s and a baby bottle. Fill up the baby bottle with M&M’s until it’s full. Then, pour the M&M’s out of the baby bottle again and count each pieces. Then, again, fill up the bottle with the same number of M&M’s and seal the bottle tightly and write the total number of pieces in a small sheet of paper. During the baby shower, provide the guests with a pen and a piece of paper. Tell them to guess the total number of the M&M’s inside the baby bottle and write their estimate in their paper along with their names. At the end of the event, open up the sealed baby bottle and count the number of M&M’s pieces in front of your guests. Once the actual number of M&M’s was revealed, go through the pile of guesses. The participant or participants who have guessed the right total of the M&M’s win. However, if no one has guessed the exact number of M&M’s in the baby bottle, the participant who has guessed the closest number possible is declared the winner.

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