Fancy Dress – Be a 70s Pop Star

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Fancy dress parties are always great fun, whatever your age. At the moment, there’s a huge 70s revival, popular with all age groups whether or not they experienced this decade first time round. 70s fancy dress is an ideal theme for a party and, as it was such a lively decade with so much going on, you will never be stuck for an idea. The 70s produced some outrageous outfits, from thigh high PVC boots and ten inch platform shoes, to huge Afro wigs and bell bottom jeans.

If you like, you can be a pop star for a night and have fun disco dancing in the guise of your favourite singer. There are so many excellent 70s fancy dress costumes to choose from nowadays. You can either order a complete outfit from an on line store or find a specialist shop in your local town. Otherwise, you can improvise by mixing and matching second hand or vintage clothing. Good places to search are your local market, car boot sale, second-hand or charity shops. eBay and other auction sites are also excellent sources for either replica or genuine 70s memorabilia. You may have to alter or adapt your outfit, but with a little ingenuity and imagination you can come up with an excellent and authentic costume. 70s fancy dress accessories are readily available from many outlets, from where you can buy anything you like such as wigs, PVC boots, white fishnet tights, glitter hair bands, wooden beads and so on. The advantage of buying your 70s costume from a specialist fancy dress retailer is that you will be able to buy the complete “look” from one place, so you do not have to search several places for all the bits and pieces or matching accessories. A further advantage is that these days fancy dress retailers are able to offer a wide range of sizes, from children’s sizes to extra large, so there will be something to suit everybody.

Whether you are into disco dancing or heavy rock, there is sure to be a music themed character you can dress up as. If you are looking for an easy 70s fancy dress idea, how about you and some friends dressing up as the members of Status Quo? All you will need are white shirts, denim waistcoats, tight jeans, big belt buckles and fake ponytails. Don’t forget your guitars! Glam rock fans may prefer to keep their costume home-grown British and dress up as Noddy Holder from Slade in a yellow checked jacket and outrageous top hat. Or you could be a Bay City Roller and wear a white jacket and mid-length trousers trimmed in tartan, David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust phase or a member of Showaddywaddy in a brightly colour Teddy boy suit. Just make sure you get the glitter, the microphone and the guitar to help make the outfit and above all, remember to accessorize, as finishing touches are what will really make your 70s fancy dress costume look authentic.

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