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Morocco has lots to offer regarding decor because of the geographical position. Famous locations like Casablanca, Marrakesh shows the world the intricacies of Moroccan art and architecture. The word Morocco is synonymous with rich hues; mystery that invokes varied imagination in us. Morocco that is surrounded by long coastal areas and arid desert and seared by the harsh sun the Moroccan vibrant colors come alive. The different landscapes offer varied and vibrant colors of the nature like bright orange of the sun, aqua blue of the sea, silver color of the moon, gold color of the sun kissed sand, ochre color of the mountain ranges.

The deep dark blue can offer a dramatic backdrop for the entire room. Since Morocco has lots of oriental things to offer the rooms get adorned with artifacts terra cotta tiles, glass jewel works, vibrant fabric colors. You can find excess of Morocco in the entire design of the house. Everything is inspired by nature. The fabrics and patterns utilized in the Morocco decor are art forms that are passed on from ages. The first room, which has dramatic effect of different decoration, the second room can lessen the effect having subtle texture that is toned down. Dark wooden plank, fabrics that fall from the ceiling, gold and green combined colors can form rich upholstery. The famous mosaic artwork can adorn the walls. Plants can be highlighted with intricate woven baskets and exotic flowers can be displayed with rounded smooth sun bleached stones.

Few articles of Moroccan traditional artifacts can be added to enhance the rich culture of this exotic place. Vibrant mosaic tables can brighten the room. The famous lights and lamps that are hand carved and made from camel bones can adorn the walls of the room for dramatic effect. Brocades made from metallic ribbons can highlight the wall or furnishings or the floors. Silk covered huge pillows that have Indian influence can make a room look rich and colorful. You can give a dramatic look to the house by including the local flavor by adding few stone pillars, some tower that have the design o a mosque, some arch shaped entry and intricate wrought iron gates.

Morocco decor or ambiance is not complete without the famous exotic scents and which you can keep in the kitchen. Morocco influence is felt in some parts of Europe like Italy, Spain. These influences can be adapted to the Morocco decor like the iron grill or the tiles. Due to its strategic geographical position there are varied influences on Morocco decor that there are no fixed rules that have to be incorporated. There is nothing to assert to define Morocco decor, as it is an amalgamation of ideas. With the available information and data you can evolve your own ideas.

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