Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids – Simple Costumes And Accessories

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Halloween is a fun time for everyone to play dress-up. Some costume projects may be difficult, but a lot are actually easy Halloween crafts for kids. Kids can make their own no-sew, homemade costumes and accessories. This article will show you a few ideas on making simple Halloween costumes and accessories.

A Milk Carton Cow Costume

A milk carton that resembles a cow at the same time would be a really cute no-sew costume to make! Young kids will especially love making this costume themselves. Simply cut out the flaps and a hole on two sides of a carton box for the arms to go through. Have your kid paint the box with a white base and black spots using non-toxic poster paint.

Accessories for this Halloween crafts for kids costume is a tail made of paper and yarn which you can attach to the lower part of the box. Simply cut out paper ears and horns and glue to a headband, which your kid can wear to complete the whole look.

Closet Costume

Costumes as Halloween crafts for kids does not always involve creating your own costumes. If kids will rummage through their old clothes, they will find items which they can assemble together creatively for their Halloween costumes. For example, they can use a red hooded sweatshirt for a Little Red Riding Hood costume; their PJ’s for a Sleepwalker costume, and a black sweatshirt and pants for a Ninja Costume. Just add accessories like a basket, a teddy bear, or a mask made out of a plain T-shirt.

The Halloween Hats

There are easy Halloween crafts for kids that can show you how to make Halloween hats. For a witch’s hat, draw out a semi-circle at the edge of a piece of black paper using a circular template. Cut out the drawing, fold the piece into a cone, and fasten with staples/glue. Cut out a circle (larger in diameter than the cone’s bottom) from the same black paper and then glue or tape the cone on its center. This is your witch’s hat. To make a sorcerer’s hat, simply use the cone and paste cutout paper stars on it. You can also use glue and glitter to create the stars.

Making Halloween Wands

A witch is not a witch, nor a fairy a fairy, and sorcerer a sorcerer if they are without a wand. For this easy Halloween crafts for kids project, use a paintbrush instead of a pencil or straight tube for the wand stick. A paintbrush usually has a more elegant shape.

To make a Halloween crafts for kids’ wand, spray-paint the whole paintbrush and let it sit to dry. Next, draw and cut out two identical paper starts. At the brush-end of the paintbrush, stick the two stars back-to-back, with the brush in between. Use other shapes for a witch’s wand such as a half-moon. For a sorcerer’s wand, place glue on the brush to harden it. Wind yarn or twine around the paintbrush for a Harry Potter-like wand. Spray-paint the whole paintbrush with gold or brown for that realistic effect.

To make any costume realistic and interesting-looking, always remember to add its matching accessories. Both are simple to make with easy Halloween crafts for kids.

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