Designer Bag Colors That Are Right When You Are On The Go

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It would be hard to imagine a woman stepping out of the house without a bag, wallet or clutch in her hand. These are items of basic necessity for women. The styles of bags being used has evolved over the years and turned into a fashion statement for women of all ages. All they need to do is to be sure that they get the colors right when it comes to matching their attire and accessories. So, if you are wearing a black shoe and a blue dress, what color of handbag should you use? In other words, let’s say you are going to your office and want to carry your handbag with you, what color should you buy?

Choosing what to wear

The clothes that you choose for the day influence the accessories you would team them up with so first you need to decide what to wear. You can choose from simple causal dresses, denim jeans and t-shirts, skirts or even trousers.

Matching clothes and bags with colors you love

After you have chosen your attire, check out your collection of bags to get the perfect match of colors between them. Also analyze the shoes or sandals that you would slip on along with other accessories such as a belt, scarf or earrings to complete the look.

Why are colors so important?

The color of your designer bag should go with the color of your clothes. Colors can make or break your style as its right blend makes an attractive and complete you. If you are wearing a pair of jeans with a bright-colored t-shirt, go for an off-white Fendi cross body bag or a black Marc Jacobs shoulder bag with a self-design for a casual yet trendy look. When wearing light-colored dresses, opt for a pink crocodile skin Hermes or a B Brian Atwood Tote for the perfect look.

A white Marc Jacobs satchel would go great with any kind of trouser and even casual, deep-colored dresses. You can simply hang on to a Tory Burch wallet – Quinn Zip Continental or a Rebecca Minkoff wallet – Mason Continental if you need to leave home in a hurry in your everyday jeans and top.

Adding the right pop of color to your everyday ensembles will make you feel confident and look great, no matter where you go. You can even buy designer bags at wholesale prices. It’s common to save hundreds of dollars when you buy these designer wholesale handbags at low wholesale prices.

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