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The new Batman movie has brought an onslaught of Dark Knight collectibles even prior to it’s release. The hype was a carefully crafted and planned advertisement campaign even before Heath Ledger’s death. Of course with Heath Ledger unfortunately fitting the bill of recent dead famous actors, the strategy took off even better than planned. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a movie which seemed to “self promote” itself as much as this new Batman movie The Dark Knight. There is lots of viral effect and it is working.

Heath Ledger was (and still is) a famous Australian actor before anyone in the USA ever heard of him. He is also just simply one of the most famous male actors in worldwide news at this time. Most of this is centered around his role as The Joker in “The Dark Knight”. The Joker has always been a favorite villain in these Batman movies and this movie is no different. Ledger’s presence in the news, his worldwide popularity as an actor prior to The Dark Knight and his untimely death have all created a perfect storm for Batman Dark Knight collectible movie memorabilia. Especially the Joker.

The Batman Superpowers plastic toys, posters and Tee shirts have always been a hit in the past and this movie alone could very well top them all in combined merchandise sales! If you are a collector of this type of movie memorabilia then you already know the value some of these items can bring in time. Some very nice collectibles are going to be produced as a result of The Dark Knight.

Naturally any original Heath Ledger autograph on a Joker photo or other Dark Knight piece of memorabilia will be a valuable collectible in both monetary and sentimental terms. These are pricey but well worth it to an avid fan or collector. Any Heath Ledger signed Batman poster or Dark Knight related picture is worth grabbing if you have the opportunity. There are also some nice reprints that while not so valuable, still make a nice keepsake or gift.

Other highly collectible items are the Batman Dark Knight action figures. While one might think of these as toys, many of them are very detailed and can greatly increase in value over time. Companies like Hasbro and Mattel are always right on the bandwagon with these. The Dante action figures are usually quite beautiful and worth looking into. Of course, you are not likely to find a valuable collectible at the dollar store! Those items are usually just one piece from plastic molds with no detail and often unofficial. Great for the kids but not very collectible.

One of the more expensive collectibles can be the statues or busts. These are really cool if you consider yourself a serious fan or collector because they are very detailed. DC Direct puts out some nice stuff. Most of the Joker Heath statues and busts are sold out for now and must be ordered. Batman himself is fairly easy to find for now.

Not all Dark Knight collectibles are meant to be a monetary investment. There are many collectible items available from this movie that are fun, affordable and unique. Of course there will be T shirts and movie posters, bobbleheads and lunch boxes etc. These items are usually pretty affordable. And by the time Halloween rolls around you can expect a whole new wave of products from this movie. Undoubtedly there will be lots of Joker Heath costumes and masks this season. I can hardly wait to see the Joker latex masks this Halloween!

The funny thing about collectibles is the best ones are usually the ones you didn’t plan for. Lots of times we don’t find out we have a collectible until years later. Sometimes we find out just weeks after we cleaned out the garage! (That happened to me and is how I got started collecting!)

The Dark Knight is going to offer a lot of autographed movie memorabilia, action figures, tee shirts and even some bizarre items like Joker Heath bottle openers or vacuum cleaners! Ok, vacuum cleaners might be a stretch. Time will tell but one thing for sure is there’s plenty of affordable and potentially valuable collectible items available right now from The Dark Knight. With a little luck you just might hit the jackpot!

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