Custom Printing on Garments

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Custom printing has been around for thousands of years. Long before Guttenberg introduced his printing press, people were stamping designs on garments. The printing method they used was called screen printing. It was invented in China nearly two thousand years ago. As incredible as it may be, screen printing is still the most popular method of custom printing. More incredible still is the fact that the process has changed very little in all those years.

Contemporary printers still rely on simple wooden screens to which stenciled designs are attached. Paint or ink is applied to the design and it is then stamped onto a blank garments. The method is used to create custom T-shirts for high school graduations, sports teams, clubs, and for special events like weddings and bachelor parties.

Chicago screen printing is particularly popular with new businesses. Since most new companies cannot afford traditional advertising, printing up custom T-shirts and giving them away to the local community is an easy way to spread the word.

What to look for?

Americans are among the savviest consumers on earth. They were the first to truly embrace e-commerce, which has led to increased competition and lower prices in most industries. This isn’t always a good thing. There are some products people really should try out before they buy them, while other transactions are better suited to electronic transactions. Custom printing is one of them.

The introduction of new specialty software has made it quicker, cheaper, and more convenient for customers to create their own designs. Guests can even upload their own design ideas and submit them directly to the site. Most online sellers offer this free service to their customers. It ensures that both parties will be satisfied with screen printing Chicago, Illinois.

A Few Basic Tips

When choosing a design, go with a simple one. Screen printing is a reliable printing method, but it becomes less so when the customer requests fine detail and intricate designs. Images may appear somewhat smudged or muddled if the design is too complicated. Screen printing is also much cheaper and faster when the client requests a single color. Custom designs that include rainbows or any other polychromatic image will inevitably take longer to produce and will cost a lot more. For greater accuracy and more vibrant colors, customers should consider digital printing. It is more expensive and printers rarely offer discounts on bulk orders, but the final product is invariably more impressive.

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