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A new Discovery in Male to Female communication.

There is a New Understanding that clears up all the confusion between the sexes. And tremendously helps single men meet the girl of his dreams and helps married men save their marriage and bring a hidden happiness, pleasure and fun back into the relationship. See, women, all women want men to learn this one thing. The problem is mother nature literally hid this Magic Secret from all men. But, for the man who opens up to this new way of thinking, communicating and using his body language, suddenly opens to the doors to all that were hidden to him and suddenly he is a maestro with women. Now, it does take a bit of practice and experience, but once you see it, you will be hooked for life! This is what the Gods have hinted about your entire life. Yes, it is real.

In this article, I am going to focus on one aspect, that may break into 3, of the misunderstanding between the sexes. For centuries and Centuries, women have completely misunderstood the expressions of men. Because women literally communicate and process language in a different part of their brains. Simply, men express themselves all the time. And women continually complain and truly believe that men either A. don’t have emotions, or B. don’t express their emotions.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Men express their emotions all the time. The problem is, men express their emotions from the left, logical linear brain. And women express and communicate their emotions in and from their right, Internal, emotionally fulfilling and creative right brain. So when a man expresses his emotions, she doesn’t hear it, literally. In fact, the more the man raises his voice and volume, the more he feels he is expressing his emotions, but in reality, she still can’t relate or understand or even notice he is expressing his emotions.

Now here’s the funny part. Men completely and totally misunderstand what women mean when women say, “You never express your emotions.” “You need to express your emotions.” So, what do men think that means? Men think she is saying to be a cry baby or rather, to be “EMOTIONAL”. And that is not what women want at all from men! She does not want another child to raise. It literally will push her away if you are, “EMOTIONAL”.

There is a complete difference between communicating/expressing your emotions and being Emotional. Most men think that she wants him to start crying when he’s sad or being more emotional. NO! This is absolutely not what she means. In fact, a man who is not manly and masculine is a major turn off to most women! Because that means she has to take charge of the relationship and lead the relationship and go into her left brain and stay there. Which for most women is a nightmare and not where she wants to exist most of the time.

What she means, is for you to just express your emotions and feelings, whether you are angry or upset or frustrated, etc. Now here’s the kicker that’s going to make men laugh. And women go, “OH! I didn’t know that!” See guys, you do express your emotions all the time. In fact, men are more open to their emotions than women will ever be. The difference, is you express your emotions through your left brains processor, which is the logical, linear, external processor. And she has to hear your emotions expressed through the right brain language and processed through the right brains, Internal, Emotional language. Thus, she literally doesn’t even notice you expressing your emotions. Even when you are screaming at the top of your lungs!!!

So ladies, men do express their emotions. But, that still leaves a major problem. It’s not that women are being lazy or lack intelligence at all. What it means, is that men need to learn how to communicate in and speak the right brains language so she can understand and relate to you and your emotions. Otherwise, over time, she literally feels like she is living with a complete stranger and foreigner in her home. A really good friend of mine, when I told him this, got real quiet and said, she said that all the time before she kicked me out of the house. I just thought she was kidding around. I never took her seriously when she said that, because we had lived together for years.

My Chiropractor also went through something similar. When I met his wife, she asked me what I did for a living and I told her, male to female communication. And we talked for a few minutes and she immediately told him to take my course. And he laughed and said, he could communicate just fine. She divorced him a few months later. See guys, there is something women want from you so badly, if you just learn how to do this one thing, women will literally flock to you and love you with all their hearts and souls. If not, they will divorce you, leave you, take your house, your kids, car and even dog! It’s your choice.

If you learn how to speak this language of love, women will flock to you and keep you in their hearts and emotions. And you will have the kind of Power women want you to have. Not to mention, you don’t have to walk around wearing pink polo shirts or crying all the time. Because that’s not what she meant in the first place. Hahahaha… Don’t worry, there is a very effective and efficient way to teach this to the male brain now! And it’s all taught in my course on Love and Relationships. And how to meet the girl of your dreams.

write by perez

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