Clothing Tips For Young Girls – 3 Ways to Look Mature Without Showing Too Much Skin

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Going back to school is both exciting and a little unnerving. For girls and young women, finding just the right outfit for the first day of school feels like an impossible choice. The rest of the school year, your popularity and the opinions other form of you seems to hinge on which shirt you choose. Perhaps the choice plays over and over in your mind – the red dress or the blue? And then you ask yourself, does anyone even wear dresses anymore? You get to the point where you have dreams you go to school with nothing but your underwear on and everyone is pointing and laughing.

Choosing what you wear to school is an important way to set the tone and represent who you are. Of course, your parents are going to undoubtedly veto a few choices, especially your dad. You may as well skip over half of the choices in the junior’s section of clothing because he is likely to tell you to take it off and put something longer or higher cut or looser on. It may feel like he’s ruining your social life, but in reality he’s doing you a great service by helping you put forward a fashionable yet tasteful image of yourself.

So how to you find the compromise and dress like the woman you’ve become without showing too much skin? Here are 3 savvy tips that will carry you into any fashion trend or season.

  1. Be Yourself – This is the most important rule. Fashion trends will come and go, but you do not have to be a slave to each one. If Ugg boots are not your thing, or make your legs look like they are only 6 inches long, then opt out of making a fashion faux paux. Instead of following a trend to the T, put your own stamp on it. Find the trends that flatter you, but keep it classy. If the trend is a mini skirt, go ahead for the skirt, but pair it with a tasteful pair of opaque tights or leggings. The point is to be yourself, find the trends you like and keep a tasteful image in the process. When in doubt, remember: classy and timeless go together.
  2. Flatter Your Best Feature – Showing cleavage, all but an inch of leg and your midriff only ends up making you look exactly the way you did in that dream where you went to school naked. Instead, choose only one of your best features to accentuate and play the rest down a little bit. If your legs are long, lean and tone, then find a skirt that falls to the middle of your thigh – always keep in mind that you should be able to sit down without showing off the color of your panties. Wearing a skirt with a modest shirt that both flatters and covers you will make others notice your great legs without getting an unflattering impression of who you are.
  3. Accessorize – Clothing accessories are one of the most affordable ways to freshen up your wardrobe and keep up with the fashion trends. Dressing trendy yet modest should not feel like you are losing out on making a statement or having an edge on fashion. By accessorizing, you can make bold statements without showing all the goods. Amazing accessories will keep your dad happy and make all your friends jealous.

Clothes should be fun, trendy, flattering and comfortable. If others get the wrong idea of who you are because of the revealing way you dress, your reputation may precede you in a negative way. Clothing has the power to influence how others feel about you and most of all has the power to make you feel better about yourself. So take the time to find the perfect outfit that is hip, hot and not too revealing.

write by Anselm

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