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The Canadian based company, CCM, the Canada Cycle and Motor Company, are a leading company in the manufacture of ice hockey skates and ice hockey equipment, but also specialize in inline skates and equipment for roller hockey. The roller hookies of CCM cover a variety of different game level requirements as well as other specifications. CCM are one of the leading companies of roller hockey skates competing against brands like Mission, Bauer and Tour.

The CCM Vector RH 02 model is designed with the beginner in mind; with a low profile diamond quarter package which assures improved boot stiffness and angle of the boot. The chassis for the RH 02 model is a Tri-Di 2 piece chassis equipped with Rink Rat VT 333 84A wheels for outdoor play and ABEC 3 bearings.

The CCM Vector RH 04 model is similar in design to the RH 02 model, but is fitted with Rink Rat VT 733 74A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings; for the amateur player who engages in roller hockey for recreation or is just beginning, these two models are optimal to start with from the CCM Vector range. For an intermediate level of play, the CCM Vector RH 06 model is the ideal design; with a fine diamond embossed quarter package and comes with CCM’s pro-comfort V-fitTM boot design equipped with a snug fit around the heel which helps to avoid pressure points; a shortened toe cap for optimized forefoot wrap and comfort, and a scalloped tendon guard which maximizes stride extension, with support wings this boot provides bio-feedback for stopping and turning.

The air-exchange system means drier feet and better ventilation assuring a tighter fit. The RH 06 comes fitted with CCM’s Vector Tri-Di frame made from aluminum and uses 72mm-76mm-76mm-80mm configuration with Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX wheels, which are great for indoor play and fitted with ABEC 7 bearings. For advanced and professional level of play, the CCM Vector RH 08 and RH 10 models come at the top of the range.

The RH 08 model comes with extra reinforcement with a pro metal mesh quarter package and a pro level ankle stiffness support; the chassis design incorporates Rink Rat Hornet 76A wheels, with excellent and fast play on indoor surfaces. The RH 10 model comes with an ultimate dry quick drying liner for an excellent fit throughout the game, and its lightweight carbon composite outsole means that this boot can be both lightweight and strong at the same time.

Choose the skate that fits you the best and you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more money to get the best skate for you. And most of all enjoy the game!

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