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Comfort takes the top position of a priority list when work clothing is taken into consideration. This is especially true for workers who have a hard, hazardous job. One of the most important hazards at a work environment is fire. Not only can it cause economic loss but can cause loss of life as well. Therefore it is important to have clothing that can take care of such a hazard as well as keeping you comfortable and cool.

When material science was not as developed, flame and fire resistant clothing were not as comfortable. The main discomfort factor was their coarse build and the amount of heat that they could trap. Working in hot conditions was next to impossible. Thanks to endeavors taken by companies and scientists, work clothing can now be made as per requirements. For example, the fire resistant clothes are cool as much as they can protect the person from fire.

Flame Resistant Woven Shirts

Not always can you wear that is big and covers you from head to toe – like a coverall or even a jacket. Agreed that in winter jobs, jackets are the best but come summers and you will know the difference! Woven shirts with extra rigid weaving made with flame resistant fibers; make such shirts a good buy for people in hazardous jobs that have the risk of a fire injury. Engineers working in heavy industries have to wear helmets and thick protective clothing; sometimes such supervisors may choose to wear light clothing which is protective as well as effective against fire hazards – Carhartt flame resistant woven shirts do a fairly decent job in the same department.

Heavy industries require people to be on their guard always and they cannot afford to wear loose and fashionable clothes that run the risk of catching fire when working. It is a life different from the corporate dress code. Thankfully people have the choice now to choose from a good range of fashionable and utility clothes. Woven shirts provide the best comfort and protection because they are built to last with repeated and rough use. The cotton used for such shirts is extra combed so that when weaving, it gives more strength to the same and keeping the person cool from the inside.

FR Work-wear

Fire and flame resistant clothing has become a part of every workman today – be it the one in the heavy industry or the one who sits on the top of electric poles, servicing and laying out new lines. Jobs dealing with high tension lines are one of the professions where clothing plays an important role. Apart from being fire resistant, it also should not attract electricity!

Man has indeed discovered fire and when he learnt to control it, he created civilizations and that has led to where we are today. Controlled use of fire took us to where we are today. However, there are incidents when fire becomes uncontrollable and that is the time when effective utility clothing plays a crucial role in keeping us safe and protected.

write by Briston Blair

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