Best Deodorant for Men: The Stick, Roll-On, and Spray Debate

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When selecting the best deodorant for men, one of the most common conundrums befalling users is whether to choose stick, spray, or roll-on. There are many users who like aerosol sprays while others only prefer the traditional roll-on. The introduction of stick deodorants to the market in recent years only served to increase the confusion among consumers and patrons who are now forced to evaluate their selections from an array of brands. Heck, in many countries around the world, pure alum in powdered crystalline form is still a popular and well received option expanding the market alternatives even further.

So, which is which? More importantly, what are the differences between stick, roll-on, and spray deodorants that can help users pick the one that’s best for them? Does it even matter if you pick roll-on over spray or vice versa? Here are the pros and cons of various deodorant types which can come in handy when you are going through the process of selecting the best deodorant for men.

Roll-on. The roll-on deodorant is easily the oldest of all the modern selections and many users still prefer it over its new counterparts. The main advantage of the roll-on lies in the fact that users feel a sense of control over the process of applying the deodorant. While this sense of control is not necessarily exclusive to roll-on deodorant types, old habits die hard and the perception remains to be a pervasive one especially among the older demographic.

Unfortunately, roll-on deodorant has its fair share of disadvantages starting with the fact that it is the most likely deodorant type to lead to a shirt stain. Armpit to shirt contact shortly after application can lead to white streaks appearing across a black shirt or a white shirt discoloring over time from repetitive exposure to the deodorant. It also does not help that a roll-on is guilty of giving you that sticky, uncomfortable feeling.

Stick. The deodorant stick retains the sense of control that users enjoy with roll-on while markedly solving the problem of staining. Stick formulations are also very popular because the stick can be easily manufactured in various sizes making them ultra-portable. However, some stick deodorant brands easily flake off and for people with hairy armpits, this can be a problem. The flaked-off bits can stick in-between hairs binding them together and that is not something most men are comfortable of going through with their chosen stick deodorants.

Spray. The aerosol spray is made for quick application so men can generally dress up and go in a matter of minutes. Many consider the spray as the best deodorant for men because the atomization of the droplets minimizes the likelihood of stains. On the flip side, spray deodorants users occasionally have the misfortune of accidentally spraying the deodorant into their faces. Spray deodorants are also more likely to be consumed faster requiring more frequent visits to the supermarket. Likewise, security limitations in airports have all but eliminated the possibility of portable spray-on deodorants in your hand-carried luggage. The best deodorant for men should be able to work anywhere when you need it, not leave you “in the stink” on a trans-Atlantic flight because you can’t carry it on-board.

Whether stick, roll-on, or spray, the best deodorant for men eventually boils down to user preference. All these options have their own set of pros and cons that may appeal or infuriate users. The most important thing is to think about what suits your needs before you pick the one that ably meets those needs. If you get that down pat, then you are halfway towards selecting the best deodorant for men that’s best for you.

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