BeautiFeel Shoes: Combining Comfort and Great Looks

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What do your feet mean to you? Think about it for a minute. Many people probably never consider just how important it is to keep your feet healthy. It is only when they begin to suffer from chronic pain that they realize just how much they depended on their ability to move around comfortably.

One of the main causes of many foot, ankle, and even knee problems today is the use of improper footwear. Unfortunately, people often sacrificed comfort and health in order to appear fashionable. Either you could wear a pair of shoes that look great or shoes that were comfortable. Rarely was there an in between.

But now people can finally enjoy the wonders of BeautiFeel. This line of footwear was designed specifically to look fabulous and to feel even better. Here are a few of the delightful styles currently in production that will have your whole body feeling fantastic as you go about your day.

The Brazil

One of the nicest things about the summertime is that your free to wear the bare minimum when it comes to clothing. This goes from tank-tops to shorts and all the way down to an airy pair of sandals. Many people, however, just decide to wear a cheap pair of flip-flops all throughout the summer months. This might be great for keeping your feet cool, but it can also cause pain and discomfort throughout your feet and body.

The Brazil provides unparalleled comfort for a sandal. It is available in black or taupe washed leather and features a series of bands that hide the tips of your toes while still letting in a cool breeze. This sandal has a strap to secure it around your ankle and backing support to make it fit like a glove.

The Valeria

Heading out for a night on the town can be one of the biggest causes of foot pain. Some women focus far too much on looking great without worrying about the fact that they might end up dancing the night away and waking up the next morning with aching and swollen ankles.

The Valeria, however, is a beautiful and chic style that will draw envious looks while still providing maximum comfort. It is available in brown or black and grey leather and has buttons that cinch up the side. The heel is high enough to give you an extra boost but not so high that you will be wobbling around. With the Valeria on your feet you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression.

The Ashley

The office is another environment in your life that can contribute to bodily aches and woes. Do you find yourself running back and forth to the copy machine again and again? Or worse, are you stuck in a job where you stand around on your feet all day but still need to look professional enough that you can’t show up in a pair of running shoes? In these cases you need to make sure you find a shoe that feels as good as it looks.

The Ashley is a simple option that looks great with just about any outfit. It comes in full black leather so you know it will never go out of style. The uppers are made from soft leather and it has a heel that stands three centimeters tall. The side gores are made from flexible elastic, which means it will fit comfortably to your specific foot size. Don’t suffer for your work. Enjoy your day while standing tall in the Ashley.

The Mandolin

High-heeled clogs are a fantastic style for many different reasons. They discretely show off your heels and highlight your calves, but they are also wonderful because you can kick them on and off with ease.

The Mandolin is a style so adorable that this shoe will quickly become a “go to” in your daily wardrobe. They come in either black or brown leather and both feature an ornamental strap across the top.

These styles have a 7cm heel and a leather-lined and cushioned footbed. The outsole is made from latex rubber that allows your feet to naturally flex and avoid rude jolts because of its fantastic shock absorption capability.

Our bodies are precious. We all experience pressures from society, our employers, and sometimes even the people around us to look our best. In many cases we really do feel better when we know we look good. But that desire for fashion and acceptance should never come before concern for our own health and well-being.

That was the idea behind BeautiFeel shoes. With a wide variety of option that are as comfortable as they are pleasing to the eyes, you finally can have a great fit with a gorgeous style!

write by Sarah Rounsville

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