At Home Birthday Party – Art Party For Kids Ages 4-6

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Having an art party at your house can seem like a crazy and somewhat stupid idea. Nobody wants a bunch of kids running near their belongings with wet paint brushes and candy! However, if your little one is an artsy type you could also end up spending hundreds of dollars on a party space. Let me assure you that with a very little bit of work you can turn your house into a really great, cheap, and super easy party space for this type of shin dig.


The basic principle is that the kids show up and are allowed to make a complete mess of your house by painting on the walls, themselves, and the table. They love it. Little kids are usually good for one project so keep your party short and sweet. Designate one room for your party and clear as much clutter out of it as you can. All you will need is some wall space, a table, and some chairs. Make sure that the parents know to send their kids in something other than their Sunday best.


This party requires very little as far as decorations since most of the decorating will be done by your guests. I took a clothing line and hung it up on my wall. Then I hung plain white T shirts from it so the kids could choose one to paint on. I also bought a roll of plain craft paper and mounted it to the bottom half of my wall and floor. The more surfaces you can cover with craft paper, the more fun the kids can have painting them. This entire party can take place around one large table that they can draw, paint, and then eat on.


Plenty of washable paint and any other art supplies that you think the kids would enjoy like feathers, glue sticks, glitter, etc.

Cups of water to wash brushes

1 basic set of paint brushes from any craft store

1 roll of craft paper

White or light colored T shirts

Clothing line and clothes pins

Blue painters tape or tacks to hang up the craft paper

8×10 sheets of cardstock or cardboard

Lots of paper towels


Paint your own t-shirt – Each child gets their own plain t shirt and can do whatever they want to it. Remember to have pieces of cardboard on hand to put in between the t shirt fabric so that the paint doesn’t leak through. Do this project first so the shirts have enough time to dry and the kiddies can take them home after the party. Drying time on these is about 40minutes.

As the children finish up their T Shirts, offer them the opportunity to paint on the craft paper wall. This will keep them entertained while the others finish up.

Cake, Presents, Home:

After your one activity, everything else goes quick. Food is served, presents are opened, and kids play for 15-20 minutes and you are done. The party favors can be their shirt and a mini paint set in a cute paper bag.


Tiny kiddies have tiny tummies so you don’t have to overdo it in the snack department. Plan on snacks that have lots of color and add to your arty theme, on the healthy side, carrot sticks, red pepper, and hummus are a good idea. On the junkie side, multicolored M&M’s and orange soda. It’s all up to you. As far as the cake is concerned, you can opt for a basic store bought cake and decorate it with M&M’s. Make whatever you do quick and easy since you will be working hard on the activities.

As usual, be creative! There are so many options to make this party unique and special for your babe.

write by Jesse

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