Animals Should Definitely Not Be Wearing Clothing

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We got this book as a Weekly Reader edition in our QVC pack and it’s just great. I have to read this one almost nightly – it’s just so funny. Easy text to read (and easy enough for a beginning reader), yet very creative. The illustrations make the book. It covers several different animals wearing clothing that would never suit them. For example…sheep wearing a wool sweater, a giraffe wearing neck ties, a chicken wearing pants (Where does the egg go?), just to name a few. The elephant has the same dress on as the lady in front of her. Pretty cute stuff. animals shouldn’t wear clothing, but your child will definitely LOVE this book. You’ll probably enjoy it too!

My son’s favorite page is the one where the hen is wearing pants but is trying to lay an egg, with a big posterior protrusion. He begs me to imitate this often and just laughs hysterically. The illustrations are very nice and a lot of fun. The text is large font and my son, who is four, can read some for the easier words. I would not recommend this for a child under four. It is a cute title but seems to be a little to old for that age group.

I am going to buy this as gift for my 84-year old mother, who has always liked animals dressed up in clothes. Funny illustrations, cute ending! This is a must have for your child or the child withen.

This book is a classic, right down to the vintage illustrations.

write by Halcyon

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