Adult Party Costume – Looking For Something Brilliant?

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This year you are planning to leave the streets and the trick-or-treating to the kids while you attend an adult Halloween costume party and need a great costume idea. Well, you have come to the right place.

Costumes ideas come from many places, but the best ones come from movies and Halloween lore itself. This means you can never go wrong with a classic Dracula costume or a more modern Dark Knight Batman costume. There are also tons of costumes that fall somewhere in between. The primary goal of a good costume is to be recognizable for the scary monster or brave super hero you are portraying.

I would recommend the Grand Heritage costumes for anyone wanting to make a good showing at the next costume party. For the men, I believe these costumes would be a big hit at any adult costume party, or maybe even for jumping out of the bushes at some trick-or-treaters:

  • The Grand Heritage Joker costume comes straight from the movie, including long purple coat and gloves, green vest and blue pants. The costume also includes a mask and face paint to make your transformation complete.
  • The Grand Heritage Batman costume would make a great pairing with the Joker costume. This costume is straight from Dark Knight movie and includes bodysuit, armor, gauntlets, belt, cape, boot covers and mask.
  • Want to be recognized instantly? Try the Grand Heritage Beetlejuice costume and be the ghost with the most! This costume includes the trademark black and white suit (with the shirt and tie), the crazy wig and make up kit for those dark eyes and white skin.
  • For a great scare and complete anonymity at the party, go for the Werewolf costume. It is available in regular brown or gray and includes a shredded plaid shirt, claw-like gloves and werewolf mask.

Adult women costumes are generally focused on sexy movie or TV icons. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The Grand Heritage Elvira costume is an instant classic. If you wear this one this year, you can bet someone will want to borrow it next year! The costume comes complete with everything necessary to become the Mistress of the Dark including wig and dagger.
  • Maybe Catwoman is more your style and would make a great pairing with any of the popular Batman costumes. This costume includes black jumpsuit with stitch line details, the black cat headpiece, belt and boot covers. Meow!

For a more classic look, there is a whole line of Addams Family and Munsters costumes including Morticia Addams, Wednesday Addams, and Lilly Munster. These would make great costumes and come with everything you need to complete the look.

There are certainly more ideas out there, but I love these costumes because they are easily recognized and are guaranteed to be a hit at the next adult costume party you attend and don’t forget to scare a few trick-or-treaters on the way!

write by Erasmus

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