Adding Golden Shine to Your Holiday Apparel

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The lights are strung, the halls are decked and the tree is topped with a perfect gold star. Everything is perfectly shiny for the holidays, but are you spending it in your bathrobe and penguin slippers? It’s time to upgrade your holiday wardrobe, or your tree is going to outshine you in front of your party guests.

What better way to add some sparkle to your apparel than with the shiniest color of all — gold! Here are a few recommendations for ways you can utilize this festive holiday color in your wardrobe. (Of course not meant to be used all at once, lest you come off looking more like a Vegas showgirl than a sassy holiday hostess.)

Gold Jewels

This one’s the first and most obvious choice when you’re looking to add bling to your look. But if you don’t have a stash of authentic family heirlooms or a wealthy significant other to supply a pile of golden earrings, bracelets and rings, don’t fret — shopping malls abound with perfectly suitable fake substitutes. If you’re spending less on each piece of jewelry, you can easily afford more options. Besides, no one will be looking closely enough to tell the difference — unless of course your shiny new earrings attract a suitor under the mistletoe.

Gold Threads

This is one area where you must be careful to avoid the aforementioned Vegas showgirl epidemic. The key to pulling off an item of gold clothing is to keep it to just that — an item. Pick one gold piece to feature and tone it down in the rest of the outfit with neutrals and limited jewelry. Try pairing a gold sequined skirt with a simple black sweater, black tights and black boots. Or, go for an all-black outfit with gold high heels. Keep it in moderation, and gold can be a stunning and eye-catching choice.

Gold Manicure

It’s the holidays, so why not? Adding some festive glitter and shine to your fingernails is one way to keep the golden hue with you every day, regardless of what clothing or jewelry you choose to wear. If you really want to go festive, kick it up a notch with a snowflake or pine-tree decal — though be careful not to cross that line from “classy” to “your grandma would wear it.” (Unless, of course, you have an unusually trendy grandmother.) Besides, don’t you deserve a little pampering during the holiday season?

write by gene schuler

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