7 Must Haves For an Emo Girl!

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Some think it is weird, for others it is a style statement; I find it hip, cool and funky. Yes, I am talking about Emo fashion. I am sure you have seen many people, including Avril Lavigne and Adam Lambert, with straight long side bangs, black eye make-up and black nail paints. These girls and boys have a special place for Black color in their wardrobe. They love to wear simple half sleeved T-shirts with slim fit denims in blue. With a lot of Black in their wardrobe they make a distinct style statement. It looks attractive and totally in vogue. If you too want to try this highly fashionable trend, here I have a list of seven must haves. Go for it and enjoy being a chic.

#1 Hair straightening rods

Talking about this fashion, the first striking thing that you will notice is the straight long and side bangs. For this you will require hair straightening rods. Easily available in market, it just takes about 15-20 minutes for normal to a little wavy hair to get straightened. When you are done with the straightening thing make a side partition and let your hair loosely fall on one side.

# 2 Black Mascara

Apply black mascara to your eyelashes. Mascara will give thickness to your eye-lashes and it will also make your eyes look long, dark and smoky.

# 3 Black eyeliner

Now, with the help of a black eyeliner, define the upper eyelid. Make the line fine and thick. Use a jet-black eyeliner for maximum impact.

# 4 Black Kohl

Apply Black kohl to your already defined eyes. Use dark, raven black and anti-smudging kohl. It will long last and will not smear even if it is sweaty heat. Apply it twice or thrice, until your eyes look smoky, dark and properly defined.

#5 Black Nail Polish

Pain your tips and toes with black nail polish. It hardly matters, if you have long or cropped nails. It is a very important part of this look. So, be sure your nails are well painted with the black beauty.

#6 Wacky Belts

After you are done with your eye make-up, nail-polish and hairstyle, slide in a pair of slim fit blue denim and a simple T-shirt, usually with a wacky message o picture, like the one in above picture and to add this zing, wear a belt with a funky logo.

#7 Canvas Shoes

Last but not the least; get ready to rock the streets down the town in lace-up canvas shoes, preferably in black. Now, you are absolutely ready with this allure. Good luck buddy, I am sure you will rock!

write by Artemis

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