5 Thing You Should Have In Your Speaker Emergency Kit

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Every speaker needs to have an emergency kit. You never know what might happen at the last minute. Here are five things you should have in your speaker emergency kit that I recommend. You might have more to add but I think that every keynote speaker needs these five Essentials pieces.

Public speaking can be nerve-racking enough without getting to your destination and finding out that you might need these pieces. So like a good boy scout motto says “Always Be Prepared.” Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your speaker kit. Put it in a place that’s easily accessible so all you have to do is grab it and go.

These are the 5 items for your speaker emergency kit I recommend:

Safety Pins – Murphy’s Law comes into play here. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. You don’t want to be unprepared just in case a button pops off your shirt or blouse. You don’t want to show what your mama gave you to the whole world.

Throat Lozenges – Nervousness may make your throat dry and there may not be any water nearby to drink. Those lozenges can really come in handy to moisten the mouth.. Everyone has their favorite brand of lozenges or cough drops. You might prefer Ricola lozenges or Slippery Elm lozenges. Whatever one’s you prefer just make sure you have some in your speaker emergency kit.

Extra Ink Pens – Yeah I know it seems logical right! But sometimes the attendees may have forgotten to bring one. Always have some to share.

Hand Wipes – Be it baby wipes or some other kind of disinfectant hand wipes make sure you have those because they come in handy. If you spill something on your blouse or your shirt or pants you have something wet on hand that you can use. Or if your hands are kind of sticky from going over to that goodie table getting that chocolate covered doughnut that you couldn’t resist.

Protein Snack – Some kind of protein snack that you can keep handy. Be it peanuts or almonds. Whatever your protein of choice is to keep your stamina up throughout the day. And it help you step away from the goodie table.

Furthermore I’m sure there is more that can be added to your speaker emergency kit. Make a list after each speaking engagement and add as necessary.

write by Bertha

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