3 Of The Best Costumes For Michael Jackson

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Halloween is just on the corner and I bet that until now you are still confused of what you’re going to wear during the party. Well there are a lot of costume ideas and costumes for Michael Jackson are just one of hottest picks this year. Being a solid MJ’s fanatic, wearing such outfit is a great way to pay tribute. On the first place Michael was a giant icon in the music industry and once you wear a replica of his costume, you can be easily recognized by the guests. And who knows? You may also have the chance to win the big hit. Halloween is different today than ever before. In the past, people just attended party just to have fun. But now, there are bars and pubs that offer cash prices to individuals with cool outfits. If you are planning to join the contest, Michael Jackson costume is going to be a head turner this 2010.

Being the legendary pop singer, MJ has his own collection of signature outfits that are now available to the public. This Halloween season, you can impress the crowd and become the King of Pop even just for a night. Would you mind if I give you some costume ideas? Well let me begin with The Thriller look.

The Thriller was Michael’s popular music video that has earned billions of hits on the internet. For the outfit, Michael appeared in a red jacket with matching black boots and cool accessories. If you want to go for a zombie look, Thriller outfit is the perfect option. But in order to create the perfect replica, you should definitely consider the wig and the makeup as well. It is best if you put white face powder as seen in the music video.

The gangster look in his music video Bad is also popular to many fans. As soon as the music played on the radio, the white gangster guy is the icon that you will remember. The Bad costume gained advantages than others. It’s because you can personalize the look and wear different accessories such as socks, bracelets, belts and necklaces. You can also choose different colors of pants instead of using the black which is the typical color.

Last but not the least is the Billy Jean outfit. In the music video, Michael was wearing military pants with matching black V-neck T-shirt. If you’re planning to attend the party with your kids, you can also dress them up with Billy Jean outfits and for sure the guests will be impressed. But wait a minute. The Billy Jean outfit is incomplete without the presence of black fedora as seen in the music video.

Many fans wondered where the white gloves came from. But it doesn’t really matter. Every individual knows that white gloves symbolize a giant music icon. As you can see the numbers on the calendar are slowly hitting the October mark. This is the right time to shop the costume you’re going to wear during the party.

Costumes for Michael Jackson are widely available on local shops as well as online. While on the other hand, the accessories are separately sell. If you are thinking of Michael costumes you should definitely order now before the items get out of stock. Because if that is the case, you might end up wearing costume made from recycled materials. Or maybe you should decide not to attend the party anymore.

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