2011 Jewelry Trends – And How To Wear Them

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Stylish jewelry is a must for any woman who loves to look good. A particular piece of jewelry can transform and entire outfit and following the 2011 Trends to gain inspiration will light your way to a trendy Spring/Summer filled with colour!

Color plays a major part in jewelry trends this season. Grey and white have been featured and are great shades to add to other colour trends like orange coral, red, yellow, blue, green and purple. This Spring we see a super change in style quite in contrast to Winter, trends changed from minimalist to bigger necklaces which are a constant talking point.

Pearls are seen in abundance, be they genuine or faux pearls, we love them all! Every fashionable woman’s much needed classic accessory which are versatile. Where your pearl collections with your metal cuffs and create instant appeal! Coco Chanel brought pearls into their own and to this day we adore them. Spring/Summer 2011 has pearls running riot adorning many a designer’s outfit, neck, arm or hand!

Bib Style necklaces make an appearance yet again combing leather and other textiles with gorgeous adornments.Textures play a big part this season, be it created with stones or particular components which allow the light to bounce off the facets of each piece giving it instant appeal. Chokers are making a come back too adorning many a fashionista’s neck, many designers gaining influence from traditional tribal wear. Necklaces shine with their many beautiful adornments, perfect accompaniments to the latest block colour clothing designs.

Longer length necklaces are very stylish and can be worn with simplistic tailored shirts for a day look and for evening, lower cut dresses or silk style shirts. Lariat necklaces seem to be here to stay, in many different forms, these always look good with a slim fitting dress or stylish shirt, however, do remember to watch the length of your necklace that it does not reach beyond the hem of your shirt.

Cocktail rings seem to be a trend which is here to stay. The bigger the better in all shapes and colours featuring gemstones and more. With many surfacing in the shape of animals, birds, reptiles or flowers, beautifully ornate without being over the top. As sure conversation ice breaker at any event!

Bracelets are big this season with many variations. Cuffs and bangles take a front seat here and have been seen on many catwalks of late. Be bold and wear a stack of bangles in contrasting colours and textures. These look fabulous with anything from an elegant evening dress to your ‘boyfriend’ jeans. Statement cuffs are in this season handcrafted in a number of textiles, metals & plastics. Metal cuffs are bound to give your outfit that added extra bit of oomph!

Earrings can provide their own ‘mini statement’, they are part of your accessories wardrobe with which you can break the rules with so to speak. Don’t tie yourself down to a particular style just because you were told it is all that suits the shape of your face.

We are all born to look good and if wearing something a little outrageous as small as earrings makes you feel great, go for it! Earrings for Spring/Summer are predominantly long, sleeker and shiny with a twist. Longer length sparkly earrings compliment floor length evening dresses just as well as that little black dress for that fabulous evening out.

I for one look forward to a fun colourful Spring/Summer filled with so many great alternatives of what to wear when it comes to jewelry in 2011. Looking forward to seeing you all creating your own twist on the latest trends!

write by morgan

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