2 Megapixel DVR Video Pen With 2 GB Memory

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Welcome the new, state of the art micro technology 2 Megapixel DVR Video Pen With 2 Gigabytes of Memory, “The state of the art, high resolution, large memory capacity video recorder of the future is now here”! It is the smallest mini DVR in the world which conceals in the pen and is the first mini pen DVR that records video and audio. It has an amazing two megapixel video resolution with a quite large two gigabytes of built-in memory considering how very small this DVR Video Pen is. It is a regular sized pen that also writes exceptionally well for a writing pen and never seems to blot, as almost every other even fancy high priced pen I have purchased and tried in the past, always seems to do. The 2 MP DVR Video Pen W/ 2 GB Mem also has a very high quality built in microphone that can record sound clearly from distances of 45 square feet and at around 15 decibels. This is a great item for all aspects of law enforcement. I highly recommend this item to all of your police officers, undercover detectives, warrant squads, bounty hunters, parole offers and FBI agents. This is an item you have to try and is great for recording valuable undercover video recordings!

The 2 Megapixel DVR Video Pen with 2 Gigabytes of built in memory is suitable for any computer and electronic device with a USB 2.0 port. The DVR Video Pen is compatible with operating systems ME/2000/XP/Vista, MAC OS/ LINUX and automatically recognizes and distinguishes the operating system, it installs commensurate drive, and you do not need to install this manually, except with the WINDOWS 98 operating system. For anyone who still uses the Windows 98 operating system, you will simply just have to install the DVR Video Pen manually, that’s all.

The DVR Video Pen runs on a built in rechargeable lithium battery that will give you a total of 3 hours of video recording per each time you charge it. It has two easy methods to recharge its lithium battery. One method is connecting the DVR Video Pen to your computers USB 2.0 port in which it will automatically recharge on its own. The other way to recharge the lithium battery is with the included portable wall outlet adapter to the also included USB Cord, one end of the USB cord connects to the DVR Pen and the other end of the USB cord plugs into the included wall outlet adapter, the wall outlet adapter then plugs into the wall outlet. There is a red light on the adapter that turns green when it is finished charging as well as a flickering yellowish-orange pinhole light on the back of the pen that flickers when the lithium battery is charging and stops flickering when it’s charging process is completed. This process takes about two hours to recharge the lithium battery completely.

The DVR Video Pen records video with audio in .AVI file format. It saves data very fast at a mainframe data speed of 700 to 900 kilobytes per second. You are probably wondering just how this DVR Pen actually works though? How do you get it to start, to turn on, to turn off and to record? I was wondering the very same thing as well, before I officially tried the DVR Video Pen. It turns on by pressing the button at the end of the pen. This is the very same button that you usually press a fancy pen to get the ballpoint end to open to write and press the button again to close. Well, in general, the DVR Pen works pretty much the same way. The only difference is, while you are pressing the button, you hold the button down for 3 seconds. You will see a small pinhole of light on the back of the pen that turns orange. This means the DVR Video Pen is in idle, ready to use. Then, when you are ready to record, your press the button down “again” for 3 seconds, and you will then see the pinhole of light turns blue. This means it is now recording. You can then record for a maximum of about 3 hours of straight video if you wish. To turn the DVR Video Pen off, you simply follow the same scenario of instructions to turn off as you do to turn on; press the button, holding it down for 3 seconds until you see the light turn orange again for idle and press and hold the button down for 3 more seconds to completely turn it off, you will see the orange light disappear and there is then no light. One important thing to note, if the DVR Video Pen’s charge gets very low on power, it will automatically shut itself off and will automatically safely save your actively recording video. This means the DVR Video Pen is completely turned off and needs to be recharged. And that’s it, that’s all there is to it.

This DVR Video Pen can also be used for many other occasions other than law enforcement. It can also be used and very handy for live baseball and football games, live concerts, special occasions, family outings, weddings, etc. without the inconvenience of having to lug around and carry a regular sized video camcorder or digital camera etc. With the DVR Video Pen, you can simply clip its pocket clip on the back of the pen, right inside your shirt or pants pockets, clip to a looseleaf book or inside any of your jacket pockets and you are fully equipped to record videos for any occasion, anywhere you go, with the uttermost ease! I give this DVR Video Pen a 9 out of 10 star rating for its excellent 2 megapixel color resolution for such a small micro technology device as a pen and for its reliability, easy to use and best of all, so easy to carry un-noticed, without any hassle wherever you go and whenever you need it, for any quick, spur of the moment occasions! Never again be disappointed when a special moment in your life comes up, out of nowhere, you are always ready to record high quality video with very good audio for a very affordable, very reasonable, low price of $89.99 at www.MicroTechSpy.com.

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