11 Things Women Secretly Love About Men

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There are many things that overtly attract a woman’s attention about a man, but let us ponder and create dialogue about the things that we secretly love about men that men don’t have a clue about. Shall we?

5 o’clock Shadow: “Mandscaping” is all the rage, when a man is well-groomed and manicured from head to toe, but women love it when a man looks like he’s lived a little with a 5 o’clock shadow. He reminds us of a grizzly bear… or Hugh Jackman in the movie Wolverine. Hello!

Tighty Whiteys: Calvin Klein has got nothing on Fruit of the Loom! Tighty Whiteys are classic (read: ol’ school), fitted (so women can see your physique) and white (pure). Besides, every man in America is wearing boxer shorts, so be different.

Sweater Vest: A man wearing a sweater vest shows that he can be clean, neat and formal when necessary, an upstanding citizen, ready to meet Mom at a moment’s notice.

Lipstick Print on the Face: When a man has a lipstick print on his face, it shows women that he is adored by other women, so he must be a catch. Right? Besides, no woman in her right mind would smudge her make-up-not to mention a $15 tube of lipstick-for a loser.

Holes in Socks: I know what you’re thinking, so hear me out: A hole in a man’s socks show dedication, commitment, willing to stick it out when things aren’t so great, and that newer isn’t always better. Isn’t that what we want out of a man?

When a Man Cries: A crying man is frowned upon in some circles, or at least, that’s what men have been told. Women love it when a man shows his sensitive side. It let’s us know that he’s in touch with his emotions, and that he’s confident in his manhood, showing vulnerability.

“Junk Adjusting”: “Junk” adjusting is a primitive impulse that men aren’t exactly shy about performing in front of others, even women. Don’t worry, when women catches a glimpse of this primordial act, it brings them back to the days of Fred and Wilma from the Flintstones, caveman.

Sandals: Some say that women aren’t physical, and that may be true in many ways, but women love to see a man’s feet in sandals, so get a pedicure on a regular basis, so us girls can see those pinky toes!

Pushing a Baby Stroller: There’s something endearing about witnessing a man pushing a baby stroller. It’s the perfect visual juxtaposition: strong and delicate, large and tiny, a man performing an act that is normally viewed as a woman’s task.

Building or Doing a Project: Men are “men” when they are in the yard with a chainsaw and tree stumps at their feet or in the wood shed building that special someone in their lives a dining room table.

Musty Scent: Pheromones is what they call it. Women call it, man smell! This slight musk odor is what a man is supposed to smell like, especially when they wake up the next morning, right before showering. Yum!

write by Alvin Lenahan

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